Staff Picks

Ana - Social Media

Ana (they/them) is our Social Media Coordinator and wears many other bookish hats. In addition to being a bookseller, Ana creates all of our in-store signage and is an accomplished artist. Ana's recommendations usually lean towards manga and science fiction, but you'll find their artwork in every section. 


Kess - Receiving Manager

Kess (they/them) is our Receiving Manager and resident MTG (Magic: The Gathering) expert. They are always ready with a friendly wave and a sci-fi/fantasy recommendation. You'll find their blurbs mostly in science fiction & fantasy, but occasionally they love a good nonfiction title. 


Kiara - Bookseller

Kiara (she/her) is our resident "fun" bookseller. She is a mom to four kiddos and brings that high energy into the store. You'll find her always making things look nice and chatting about books and art supplies. You'll find her recommendations in a variety of places but her favorite book is Charolette's Web.


Kora - Bookseller

Kora (she/they) is one of our newest booksellers! She loves to play board games, is learning how to paint, and enjoys reading YA and Fantasy novels. Kora will also talk your ear off about TTRPGs and dice any chance she gets! As a jack-of-many-trades, Kora likes to dip her toes into many areas of our store and loves to help people find their new favorite thing!


Kristen - Store Manager

Kristen (she/they) has been a part of the Book Rack since 2018. She is an avid reader who helps keep the store running smoothly and loves sharing her love of books with anyone who will listen! You'll find her recommendations all over the store, but she's probably the easiest found in our general & science fiction sections. 


Matt - Owner

The Book Rack opened in 1983 and has been family owned and operated ever since. In 2014, Matt (he/him) took over ownership after his parents retired from the store. He lives part time on Whidbey Island and part time in Silverdale with his husband, Eric, and their five kids (3 two-legged and 2 four-legged). You'll see his recommendations mostly in the science fiction & fantasy section, but he also loves to play board games and often tries out new cookbooks. 


Taylor - Cafe Manager

Taylor (she/her) is our resident bookworm and lover of all things coffee and Disney. Chances are, she knows of or has read the book you're looking for. Her favorite genres are YA, science fiction & fantasy, and manga. You'll find her blurbs under lots of prolific authors, this girl's got great taste. Her recommendation will probably be your new favorite book.