March Madness Week 1 standings are IN!

It's the second week of March Madness and we move into the quarter-finals with 4 new match-ups. While Dune, Harry Potter, My Hero Academia, 1984, and Ready Player One all protected their spots, there were several upsets in the first week. The Last Wish absolutely dominated it's match, taking 75% of the vote in that matchup. Fahrenheit 451 also took down the higher ranked Game of Thrones with 69% of the vote. Milk and Honey toppled Attack on Titan to move on to the quarter finals with only a 10% difference in votes. 

Let's take a look at the 4 new matchups: 

Bracket #1: Dune vs. The Last Wish - This one is hard to call. Dune has an incredibly loyal fanbase (which is why it's rightfully been the frontrunner for so long) but The Last Wish has found new life and a TON of new readers with the incredibly popular Netflix show. It could really go either way here. 

Bracket #2: Faherenheit 451 vs. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Two absolute classics. Both crushed their respective catagories week 1. If I were taking bets though, Harry Potter is clearly favored here. It has a newer audience base and a more passionate one. 

Bracket #3: My Hero Academia, Vol. 1 vs. 1984 - A manga meets a classic. This is another one where I think I know where it'll go but the fanbases are so different that guessing isn't going to work. This one is one to watch. 

Bracket #4: Milk and Honey vs. Ready Player One - Both of these are incredibly popular but also divisive books, you usually love or hate the style of writing. Milk and Honey just had a close race with Attack on Titan, can it survive it's match up with this science fiction heavyweight?

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