March Madness is ON at the Book Rack!

It's March and the Book Rack is ready to pump up your excitement with our best-selling book tournament and crown the ultimate champion book of books!

We've taken the top 16 best-selling books of all time* and squared them off in the ultimate head-to-head face off to declare a champion. Each week, vote for your favorite book in each bracket by casting your ballot. You can also cast extra ballots by picking up a copy of your favorite book (in-store, ebook, or audiobook) from us. All purchases during the voting period will help move your favorite book forward! 

Now let's take a closer look at the contenders:

In Bracket #1 we have Dune vs. Song of AchillesDune is a 1965 epic science ficition heavy hitter and currently holds the title as the #1 bestseller in our store. Song of Achilles, a Greek epic retelling of the Illiad, came on the scene in 2011 and has quickly risen to the #16 spot. Can Song of Achilles conquer the legacy that is Dune? Or will Dune continue to regin in the #1 spot?

Bracket #2 feels like the perfect match up and is sure to be a tough one for lovers of this genre. Coming in at the #2 spot is Name of the Windquite possibly one of the most well known and most frustrating fantasy series. Our #15 spot, The Last Wish,  is a pop culture darling currently with The Witcher gracing every TV screen in the last few months. Who will come out on top?

Game of Thrones leads us into Bracket #3 as our #3 bestseller. A fantasy hit and an absolute fan-favorite, this book is up against an absolute classic heavyweight. Fahrenheit 451 is a book most of us have read and hold near and dear. This bracket is one to watch for sure. There is abosolutely no telling who will prevail. 

Bracket #4 has some of the fiercest fan bases in book history. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone lands on the list as our #4 all time bestseller and rightfully so. It's a worldwide sensation and has maintained it's media frenzy long after it's initial publishing. It's challenger, A Court of Thorns and Roses, is newer to book world but its fan base is no less passionate. Just try to nagivate #Booktok without seeing one of these books. This should be a close one. 

My Hero Academia Vol. 1 blasts its' way onto Bracket #5 as our 5th all time best seller and goes head to head with a fantasy legend, The Eye of the World. Two very different books with two very passionate reader bases. This is another one to keep a close eye on. Will My Hero reign supreme or will Eye of the World rise above?

Bracket #6 brings two classics head to head. 1984which has been hailed as "The Great American Read" by PBS, currently holds our #6 best selling spot. The Alchemistwhich was a finalist for the Great American Read is hot on its' trail at #11. Can The Alchemist finally topple the giant that is 1984? Will big brother allow it? ;) 

Manga vs. Poetry faces off in Bracket #7. Attack on Titan, Vol. 1a literal titan in the manga world, goes up against Milk and Honey, the only poetry book to make the cut. Can the prose in Milk and Honey compel readers to vote for it over the mega-hit Attack on Titan? We'll find out when we see who moves on to week 2! 

Our final bracket is an epic matchup between the #8 bestseller, Ready Player One, and the #9 best seller, American Gods. This matchup is sure to be tense. These books were seperated by single copies in numbers of titles sold. Both books have movie and/or television adaptations. They both have passionate fanbases. They're both Pop Culture phenomenons. I'd keep my eye on this one. 

Now that you've seen the brackets, who do you want to move to week 2? Which book are you hoping is crowned the champion of champions? 

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