Comic Books
The Book Rack is your ONE and ONLY Comic Shop on Whidbey Island! Find all your favorite DC, Marvel, and Image titles, and much more!
We carry hundreds of Graphic Novels and our Comic Back-Issues range into the thousands!
We have wide selection of Rare Variants and Vintage issuses. We also offer a Comic Pull Service, and take Special Orders.
And don't miss our kids comics, comic sets, comic posters, and collectables! 
Weekly Comics at The Book Rack

Every Wednesday, new comic book titles go on sale! Preview a list of the comic books that we have already received as well as future titles arriving next week! Don't see what you are looking for?  Scroll down to learn more about our Comic Pull Service and Special Orders.

Comic Book Pull Service

At The Book Rack, we can issue you a box and hold your weekly pull list so you never miss an issue of your favorite comic.

How do I sign up?

The service is free. Just visit our front counter to request a box and pick up a pull service form. Fill in the form with the list of comics you would like to receive.

How does it work?

Each week before our comics are put out on the sales floor, your comics will be pre pulled and placed in your box.


  • Variant Covers - If any variant covers are available they will be distributed to pull service first.


  • Obligation -  We order comics specifically for each box service in addition to what is stocked on the sales floor. We do require that you purchase any comics you request for your box.


  • Updating - It is important to keep your pull list up to date. Comics are ordered 2 months in advance. When you cancel comics from your box, you may be required to purchase them until any previously ordered issues have been fulfilled.