Color Appeel Crayons - Set of 12

SKU: 0879426002451
  • STURDY AND DURABLE - Color Appeel crayons are made with high quality wax, giving you a strong crayon that lays down bright and smooth colors.
  • EASY TO USE - When the crayon starts to wear down, simply pull the string to peel away the paper for more coloring fun!
  • BOLD COLORS - Color Appeel crayons comes with 12 bold colors in unique patterned barrels. The high quality wax provides bright and smooth colors for a more fun and exciting coloring.
  • PORTABLE - An easy to store case allows you to keep all the crayons organized and in place when not in use. This also makes it easy for you to bring and use whenever creativity hits you while on travel.
  • IDEAL GIFT - This unique patterned crayons with easy peel away action makes a no-brainer gift for any artist!
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