Indie Bookstore Day 2022!

Whidbey Island Independent Bookstore Day is the local home of the national Independent Bookstore Day, a one-day celebration on the last Saturday of April, hosted by independent booksellers for our readers and customers. The 2022 Independent Bookstore Day takes place on April 30, and this year the participating Whidbey Island-area booksellers are joining forces for the first ever Bookstore Day Passport Challenge. 

Alice in Borderland: A Survival Manga

Good Sunday to you all! We have a staff recommendation for you guys. Kiara recently picked up Alice In Borderland after finishing the live action adaptation on Netflix. This is what she has to say about it!

“For Teen+. A death game thriller. Each page keeps you tense and itching for more. Bored of his unfullfilling life - Arisu gets more excitement than he bargained for when he wakes up in Borderland. *does have guns and violence”