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BOSS Mini Pastellove Highlighter - Yellow

SKU: 4006381514279

This display includes BOSS Mini Pastellove highlighters in six trendy pastel colors. The highlighters feature a chisel nib that allows for two different line-widths, and playful designs that give the highlighters a fun, whimsical look.

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BOSS Mini Pastellove Highlighter Sets, 6-Color Set

SKU: 4006381514491

The BOSS Mini highlighters line includes neon and trendy pastel colors in the mini BOSS shape. These little highlighters are must-haves for lovers of lettering and fans of soft colors. The fresh pastel colors are also a gentle alternative to the conventional neon shades of the BOSS family.

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Bright Ideas Deluxe Set: 36 Colored Pencils

SKU: 9781452159768

This set of stylishly designed colored pencils, featuring primary, neon, and metallic shades, is sure to unleash the imagination of any coloring book fan. With rich, smooth, and brilliant color—perfect for shading and blending—these pencils will add pizzazz to any creative project. The 36 pencils are pre-sharpened and packaged in a sleek and sturdy case, easy to carry with you to any place where inspiration may strike! The premium colored lead in these pencils is very soft. For best results, please use a manual sharpener.

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Bruynzeel Specials Colour Pencil Tin Set/12 - Bird

SKU: 8710141100133

Crafted under the direction of the Dutch color pencil experts at Bruynzeel, these high quality colored pencils feature a liquid wax binder and come in an attractive tin set.

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Cat in the Box Pencil

SKU: 659549230630

This writing tool expresses a magical side of every personality. These pencils feature a cute cat-in-a-box eraser top. The P.O.P. display includes 24 pencils with erasers in four colors. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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Charcoal Sketching Art Set

SKU: 090672057693

This drawing set includes three charcoal pencils, a woodless graphite pencil, four graphite sticks and four sticks of natural charcoal in a metal storage tin

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Charcoal Willow Stick Mini Tin

SKU: 090672062659

This sketching set includes four charcoal sticks, four willow sticks and a blending stump in a metal storage tin

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Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils - 20 PC Set

SKU: 810078031734

Watercolor mechanical pencils? Oh yes, that’s right! If you’re a fan of creativity, watercolor pencils AND mechanical colored pencils then this Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils pack is the tool box of color you have been waiting for and will light up any page you play on!

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Chroma Blends Watercolor Pad 8x10

SKU: 810078030119

Your watercolor art belongs on high-quality watercolor sketch pads. The Chroma Blends Watercolor Drawing pad is a glue bound pad of watercolor paper that's large enough for your beautiful watercolor paintings.

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Chunkies Paint Sticks Variety

SKU: 0879426009825

When you want to paint colorful pictures but want to leave the mess behind then it's time to reach for Chunkies Paint Sticks. Chunkies are super easy to use, clean and portable because they're like painting with a crayon. Just uncap, twist and start painting.

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